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Good gifts to bring from America to Germany Before you consider bringing in food items, you might want to check out the following website which gives sources of information about what is controlled by German customs:I also like to give small souvenirs: postcards from my hometown or state, a small American flag, a baseball cap with the logo of my favorite team, a CD of music performed by an American group (popular or classical.) Bring something that is specific to the state or region you come from. Is your state or city famous for anything? That would mean the most to whoever the gifts are meant for. When we went to Kazakhstan we brought picture books of Michigan that we found at a local bookstore. Be careful about bringing food products as there are alot of restrictions about bringing food from country to country. A flight of mine from Amsterdam was held up in Detroit for 3 hours because someone had brought banannas into the country. When traveling, I try to bring things for presents that are representive of where I am from. Mugs with local things on them, special candy or other food that is made in my area, things like that. It's hard to find much junk food that isn't also available to most of the rest of the world, I've discovered. Peanut butter things are more common here, though I took peanut butter cups to the UK and a little boy thought they were disgusting (and they are one of my super favorite things!!). I did take a bottle of maple syrup once; it waswas wholesale cheap Flyers jerseys in a bottle shaped like a maple leaf which made it really nice. They like things from American sports teams, like hats and tshirts, and many have a special fondness for New York things. If you know the people you will be taking a gift to, and know of any of their interests, it's nicenice Flyers jerseys cheap to find something here that will relate. Like, my husband is a police officer so I sometimes take some police patches to give, or wood carving books to my friends husband who is a walking stick maker in Scotland. I make handpainted things so those are usually pretty good gifts, too. At Halloween the kids in England were thrilled with the masks and big red lips and glow in the dark necklaces I brought (Halloween is just starting to be popular there). You really have to think outside the box now as the world has gotten smaller due to the internet and we all have alot of the same stuff! I think it depends on thethe cheap Flyers jersey personal tastes of who you're bringing it for. That said, I rarely, if ever, seen maple syrup in Western Europe, so I think that would make an excellent gift. Along these lines, honey would also be cool, as well as organic Florida Crystals turbinado sugar. Past acquaintances from Germany (they were visiting the US for the summer as Daimler Freightliner interns) really enjoyed barbecuing. You might also try to bring things you'd need for a summer BBQ. BBQ sauce perhaps one sweeter, one spicier. I'm personally enjoy Sweet Baby Ray's, but again, pick your favorite. Ranch dip seasoning packets there will be plenty of mayo in Germany Ketchup yes, they have ketchup already, but it does taste a little different. Try bringing Hunts or Heinz. Don't bother with mustard they've already got lots of great ones. I'll do my part and try the curry ketchup I found at a local German store. A nice seasoning salt I'm fond of Spike brand products. Rib marinade/spice rub as grills aren't as commonplace, I'd consult either Alton Brown or Cook's Illustrated (aka, America's Test Kitchen) for a good oven based, slow cooking rib recipe (don't forget to convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius!). Your friends may need to go to a specialty butcher to get ribs, but I suspect they'll like it. The key, ofof wholesale cheap Flyers jerseys china course, is long, slow cooking at the correct temperature (you may want to purchase a good quality, digital roasting thermometer here). I've used excellent rubs from Tom Douglas. FromDouglas. From cheap Flyers jerseys free shipping the Left Coast: "Rub with Love" from Tom Douglas, James Beard award winning restauranteur East Coast: Dean Deluca of NYC (snootier, but I'd imagine also quite tasty)The other cuisine to consider might be Mexican food. While getting things like ground meat in Germany should be quite easy, Mexican food isn't terribly common. Again, you could bring things like taco seasoning, fajita marinade, several cans of Rotel (ok, that's more Tex Mex, but.), canned/jarred salsa (I'm fond of the Arriba brand), tortillas, taco shells, etc. Your area has several Mexican groceries ("tienda") that you could go to.